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Case of colorectal cancer 1

Case 1 Patient with rectal cancer, hepatic metastasis and numerous lung metastases

This patient underwent detailed examination following positive fecal occult blood test in physical check-up and was diagnosed with rectal cancer with metastases in lung and liver. After the surgery for rectal cancer, metastases were treated with two courses of anticancer agents (5-FU + Isovorin), which was not effective. After switching the agents to the oral drug, TS-1, the patient was referred to the New City Osaki Clinic.
A tumor marker, CEA, remained as high as 37.2 to 41.6 ng/ml before the start of highly active NK (natural killer) cell therapy but was rapidly decreased to 9.2 ng/ml after the third treatment and to 6.9 ng/ml after the fourth treatment. Comparison of CT images before the treatment and after the completion of six times of administration reveals that a few metastatic foci in liver all disappeared after three months (Photo 1).

Photo 1 Case 1  Multiple hepatic metastases

A countless number (several hundreds) of metastases of around 0.5 to 1 cm in size scattered in both lungs, but they also have been halved in both size and number (Photo 2).

Photo 2 Case 1  Multiple lung metastases

During the combined treatment with the oral anticancer agent, TS-1, and highly active NK cell therapy, the patient did not experience any marked side effects. The patient had an excellent QOL, playing golf every week and going on overseas business trips.
Compared with typical anticancer agents administered through blood vessels, side effects of this oral agent, TS-1, are mild, which makes it easy to use for patients. Based on our previous experience, we know that a major synergistic effect can be expected in the combination of cancer immune cell therapy provided at our clinic and TS-1.

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