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Case of colorectal cancer 2

Case 2 The patient rapidly developed mediastinal metastasis 3 months after the resection of colorectal cancer.

This patient was taking 25 mg of TS-1 (used at a low dose because of impaired renal function) after the resection of colorectal cancer. Three months after the resection, mediastinal (lung and the area surrounded by lung) tumor was detected, which turned out to be the metastasis of colorectal cancer.
After a low dose of docetaxel (40 mg once a week) was administered for three times, highly active NK cell therapy was started at the New City Osaki Clinic in parallel with the re-administration of TS-1 at a dose of 25 mg/day. The CT images after the third administration of lymphocytes showed marked reduction in the size of a metastatic tumor that was originally 4 cm in diameter (Photo 1). After that, administration of lymphocytes was continued once in two weeks, for a total of 10 times, during which size of the tumor stayed the same and was not increased.

Photo 1  Mediastinal metastasis

In this patient, major metastasis appeared after the surgery for colorectal cancer. Tumor was rapidly reduced in size by low dose anticancer agents and highly active NK cell therapy and continued to be very small. This is probably because lymphocytes and anticancer agents acted synergistically, increasing each other’s effect.
Because the patient was doing well after that and wanted to protect renal function, the treatment was discontinued and the patient’s condition was observed. Unfortunately, cancer subsequently recurred. Different outcome might have been obtained if we continued to use low dose anticancer agents, being careful about side effects, or continued cancer immune cell therapy even at one- to two-month intervals.

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