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Case of colorectal cancer 3

Case 3 After the surgeries for colorectal cancer and lung metastasis, the third metastasis was detected in the liver, but could not be treated with surgery.

In this patient, five months after the surgery for colorectal cancer, lung metastasis was detected and resected. The patient was then doing well, but 14 months later, metastasis was detected in liver and resected. Because there was lymph node metastasis, four courses of anticancer agents (irinotecan + cisplatin) were administered as adjuvant therapy. However, multiple metastases were found again in the liver and lymphadenopathy was also observed.
Because it was the second and multiple liver metastases, surgery was given up and FOLFOX (chemotherapy in which three anticancer agents are used together) was started.
Due to a problem of side effects, however, FOLFOX was discontinued after two times of administration.
The anticancer agents were then switched to TS-1 and highly active NK cell therapy of the New City Osaki Clinic was started in parallel with the treatment with TS-1.
The CT images after five times of administration showed that liver metastases largely disappeared and lymph node metastasis became smaller also in this patient.

Photo 1  Colorectal cancer, liver metastases

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