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Q17 Can highly active NK cell therapy cure cancer?

At present, cancer immune cell therapy, including highly active NK (natural killer) cell therapy, cannot completely cure cancer by itself.
However, when it is appropriately combined with surgeries, anticancer agents, or radiation therapy, it is considered to be able to increase the response rate or survival benefit of these therapies or reduce the recurrence rate.
Of course, this effect is not supported by the evidence from hundreds of cases—it is difficult to obtain sufficient evidence for this therapy, which is still considered to be cutting-edge—but there is a published paper, for example, suggesting that the recurrence rate of hepatoma after resection was lowered by cancer immune cell therapy.

What is important is to enhance the immunity weakened by the pathological state of cancer and use of anticancer agents, and to build the strength to fight cancer.
In conventional cancer treatment mainly consisting of chemotherapy, however, we think that patients’ immune state tended to be neglected.
When patients’ lymphocytes are examined, they are significantly different from those of healthy people.
We believe that correcting such deterioration of the immune state and improving it even beyond the original level would lead to an increase in response rate, prolongation of survival, and even a cure of cancer.

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