Leading-edge immunotherapy --- fostering the strength to fight cancer. The New City Osaki Clinic is a facility specializing in cancer immunotherapy. In fighting cancer, it is important to strengthen the immune system as much as possible. In order to do so, we consider state of mind of patients afflicted with cancer treatment and provide psychological support and advice on lifestyle as well as cancer immunotherapy to allow them live positively.

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Osaki method enables NK cell expansion in large numbers for use in cellular therapy for cancer

In order to create a tremendous impact on the body to wake up the sleeping immune system as well as to directly attack cancer, it is effective to administer a large amount of powerful immune cells.
“Strength in numbers” -- isn’t it simple?
Recent concrete data is below.

Figure 1

Figure 1
In NK cell therapy using Osaki method of, activated 10-20 billion lymphocytes are administered each time to cancer patients.
Figure 1 presents current data of 100 patients with cancer showing the number of NK cells contained in lymphocytes per infusion:
6 billion and more NK cells (average 8.2 billion) in 44%, 4 to 5.9 billion in 23% (average 5.1 billion), 2 to 3.9 billion in 17% (average 3.0 billion), and up to 1.9 billion in 16% (average 1.2 billion).


High dose of NK cell administration increases peripheral blood NK cells

Figure 2

Figure 2
Generally the number of NK cells is decreased in peripheral blood (PB) of cancer patients, but it is observed that the increase in NK cells is associated with improvement of cancer.
The bar graph shows the numbers of NK cells in PB before and after 3 infusions in patients administered with the high dose group A (4x109 cells ~ /infusion) or the low dose group B (~ 1.9x109 cells /infusion) of NK cells.
In group A, the number of NK cells doubled and more compared to before treatment. In group B, NK cells rather decreased after therapy.

For details, click here (Highly active NK cells “Immunity-enhancing effect”)


The concept of immune cell therapy

Basic concept of cancer immune cell therapy at the New City Osaki Clinic

We summarized in the following the concept of immune cell therapy that we have at the New City Osaki Clinic. At present, if you search “immunotherapy” on the internet, you will find a lot of websites. When we talk to our patients, they often even complain about too many websites, as they do not know what to choose. Here, we present the basic concept of cancer immune cell therapy that we have, in order to assist you in your selection of information.

1. Immunotherapy is highly effective when it is used in combination with standard therapies such as the administration of anticancer agents

2. It is important to use the largest possible amount of NK cells to dramatically enhance immunity

3. The efficacy of immunotherapy cannot be evaluated only by CT images

4. At the New City Osaki Clinic, physicians proceed with treatment while regularly testing the changes in immunity

5. Our NK cell therapy is the “Osaki method” (patented), which is different from the other NK cell therapies

6. Important issues that patients who are to be treated with immunotherapy should understand

7. To patients who do not receive standard therapies such as the administration of anticancer agents


Why choosing the New City Osaki Clinic for cancer immunotherapy

Among many clinics specializing in cancer immunotherapy throughout Japan, patients choose the New City Osaki Clinic for a reason.

  • This clinic is chosen because

    The New City Osaki Clinic for cancer immunotherapy.
    --- here is the reason
  • Introduction to our physicians

    Message from physicians specializing in cancer immunotherapy
  • Treatment considering patients’ state of mind

    We value mental care in treatment.
  • Laboratory at the clinic / cell processing center

    We have a dedicated CPC for cancer immunotherapy at the clinic.