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In the near future, cancer is expected to affect one in two people—anybody can develop cancer. While early-stage cancer is likely to be cured, the treatment outcomes of advanced cancer is not good, even if all three major therapies—chemotherapy, surgical treatment, and radiation therapy—are utilized.

From the 1980s, Dr. Rosenberg’s group in the United States started the attempt to treat cancer (mainly, melanoma) using immune cells. As the result of repeated improvements, the method became far more effective in combination with the special therapies. At present, this method has been found to reduce the size of cancer lesion in one in two patients. In Japan, activated lymphocyte therapy has been shown to prevent the recurrence of hepatoma after surgery, and it is increasingly attracting attention as the fourth therapy following the three major cancer therapies.

Initially, immunotherapy was regarded as a therapy contributing to the improvement of QOL (quality of life) without side effects in general because the benefits of immunotherapy had not been appropriately evaluated by the standard method for assessing the efficacy of anticancer therapies focusing on tumor size reduction rate. But the assessment method of immunotherapy has gradually been established with the growing recognition that immunotherapy should be evaluated not by reduction of tumor size, but by survival benefit. Currently, studies and development of new treatment are underway, aiming for great prolongation of patients’ lives by maximizing the efficacy of immunotherapy in combination with the main three standard cancer treatment methods, and ultimately for fundamental cure of the disease.

Our clinic has a CPC (cell processing center). Through a number of improvements of the culture method under the approval of a strict ethics committee, we made it possible to provide immune cell therapy using a large amount of highly active NK (natural killer) cells. We have confirmed in actual clinical cases that tumor size is dramatically reduced by combined use of this new cancer immunotherapy and oral anticancer agents that are associated with relatively fewer side effects. In addition, various data showed that the immunity of our patients was dramatically improved by the administration of highly active NK cells prepared by our clinic.

We will continue to make research efforts every day so that the highly active NK cell therapy of the New City Osaki Clinic leads to better survival and prevention of recurrence in many patients, and strive to help cancer patients to give them courage to fight cancer.

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