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The concept of immune cell therapy

The basic concept of cancer immune cell therapy at New City Osaki Clinic

1. Immunotherapy is highly effective when it is used in combination with standard therapies such as the administration of anticancer agents.

2. It is important to use the largest possible amount of NK cells to dramatically enhance immunity.

3. The efficacy of immunotherapy cannot be evaluated only by CT images.

When we look at the websites of many medical facilities that provide immunotherapy, the CT images of tumors that became smaller are shown as a proof of efficacy—because these are easiest for patients to understand as the sign of efficacy. Cancer can shrink only with immunotherapy without standard therapies. However, as most patients are receiving standard therapies, for example, administration of anticancer agents in reality, it is unknown whether reduction of the size of the tumor can be attributed to the effect of immunotherapy. To show the effect of the combined use of immunotherapy, it is necessary to prove that the frequency of size reduction is clearly higher in the combination than in the treatment only with anticancer agents. Unfortunately, the results of the clinical studies that prove such superiority have not been obtained yet, which is a major reason for the negative view of immunotherapy held by some cancer specialists.
Prolongation of survival, rather than shrinkage of tumors, is considered most appropriate for evaluating the effect of cancer treatment. In some cases of advanced pancreatic cancer treated using our “Osaki method” of highly active NK cell therapy, clear survival benefit has been observed.

 1-year survival rate at our clinic

This type of survival benefit is also attended by a significant increase in immunity.
This would indicate that survival benefit and increased immunity are correlated, and clinical trials are needed in order to verify this point going forward.

4. At the New City Osaki Clinic, physicians proceed with treatment while regularly testing the changes in immunity.

5. Our NK cell therapy is the “Osaki method” (patented), which is different from the other NK cell therapies.

6. Important issues that patients who are to be treated with immunotherapy should understand

7. To patients who do not receive standard therapies such as the administration of anticancer agents

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