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The concept of immune cell therapy

The basic concept of cancer immune cell therapy at New City Osaki Clinic

1. Immunotherapy is highly effective when it is used in combination with standard therapies such as the administration of anticancer agents.

2. It is important to use the largest possible amount of NK cells to dramatically enhance immunity.

3. The efficacy of immunotherapy cannot be evaluated only by CT images.

4. At the New City Osaki Clinic, physicians proceed with treatment while regularly testing the changes in immunity.

5. Our NK cell therapy is the “Osaki method” (patented), which is different from the other NK cell therapies.

When we search for NK cell therapy for cancer on the internet, we find many clinics that claim to be facilities that provide NK cell therapy. It should be noted, however, that there are completely different types of NK cell therapies in terms of, for example, the culture method and the number of NK cells that are proliferated. Originally, the NK cell represented the lymphocytes that are very difficult to increase. When we searched overseas literature, reports on various different proliferation methods of NK cells started to appear around the late 2000s. The “Osaki method” of the NK cell proliferation method developed by the New City Osaki Clinic is a patented approach to grow a large amount of NK cells using only approved drugs (and, therefore, it is safe). Its proliferation rate is higher then those reported overseas and the level of the activity (the power to kill cancer cells) of the cells grown by this method is also very high.

6. Important issues that patients who are to be treated with immunotherapy should understand

7. To patients who do not receive standard therapies such as the administration of anticancer agents

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