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The concept of immune cell therapy

The basic concept of cancer immune cell therapy at New City Osaki Clinic

1. Immunotherapy is highly effective when it is used in combination with standard therapies such as the administration of anticancer agents.

2. It is important to use the largest possible amount of NK cells to dramatically enhance immunity.

3. The efficacy of immunotherapy cannot be evaluated only by CT images.

4. At the New City Osaki Clinic, physicians proceed with treatment while regularly testing the changes in immunity.

5. Our NK cell therapy is the “Osaki method” (patented), which is different from the other NK cell therapies.

6. Important issues that patients who are to be treated with immunotherapy should understand.

Many patients want to try the therapy if there is the potential for getting better. Below, we will describe our policies in explaining the treatment to patients before its start or in providing information after its start.

1. Before starting the treatment, we will explain the treatment as a whole including the “Osaki method” of highly active NK cell therapy until our patients sufficiently understand.
2. We will answer in detail questions on topics ranging from treatment including the anticancer agents to be used concomitantly to precautions in daily life.
3. After the start of the treatment, we will provide information on the NK cell therapy being used, including the number of administered cells and the results of the test for immunological capacity as we obtain such information, for patients’ understanding.

Immunotherapy is provided at each clinic based on the unique concept of that clinic. We recommend that patients and their family members research different clinics, talk to physicians at each clinic, and select a clinic for immunotherapy if they understand and agree with the concept.

7. To patients who do not receive standard therapies such as the administration of anticancer agents

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