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Why patients choose the New City Osaki Clinic

There is a reason for patients to choose our “New City Osaki Clinic” among many clinics for cancer immunotherapy throughout Japan.

“Immunotherapy using highly active NK cells”
“Treatment considering patients’ state of mind”
“Laboratory, cell processing center (CPC) at the clinic”

“Immunotherapy using highly active NK cells”

Cancer immunotherapy is roughly divided into cancer vaccine therapy, dendritic cell therapy, and activated lymphocyte therapy. Furthermore, activated lymphocyte therapy includes T lymphocyte (T cell) therapy, NK cell therapy, NKT cell therapy and γδT cell therapy.
* For details, please see “cancer immunotherapy”.

Among activated lymphocyte therapies, our clinic focused on “NK (natural killer) cells,” a type of immune cell which is most effective in the initial attack on cancer cells and developed after years of research a technology that can grow an astonishing number of cells and highly activate them.
From patients’ own NK cells, we grow a far larger number of cells compared with other common immunotherapies and enhance their ability to attack cancer cells. By returning these enhanced NK cells to patients’ bodies in large quantities, we strengthen their immune system throughout the body. This therapy is shown to be very effective in reducing the size of tumors and preventing their recurrence.
* For details, please see “case reports”.

Lymphocytes are isolated from approximately 30 ccs of blood, grown to a large number (about 10 to 20 billion) outside of the patient’s body (in the laboratory at our clinic) and returned to the body by drip infusion roughly 2 weeks later.
The time required for each process is as short as about 5 to 10 minutes for blood collection and about 40 to 50 minutes for drip infusion. In addition, because patients’ own immune cells are collected and returned, there are no troublesome side effects, other than the mild fever noted in some patients on the day of drip infusion. This therapy is thus not burdensome to patients.
* For details, please see “highly active NK cell therapy”.

“Treatment considering patients’ state of mind”

When people are diagnosed with cancer, most of them are greatly shocked and try to deny the fact that they have cancer. No matter how much they deny it, the cancer does not disappear. It might take time, but it is important to first accept the disease and have a positive attitude to treatment.

To cope with cancer, it is also important to change daily life, e.g., diet, exercise, and the state of mind. A patient cannot achieve this alone. People around the patient have to cooperate.

At the New City Osaki Clinic, about an hour is spent for each treatment. The physicians in charge listen to patients’ concerns, discuss the course of treatment, and give advice on improving the lifestyle until patients are fully satisfied. Through such conversation, our physicians try to reduce patients’ anxiety as much as possible. We stand out in placing a particular value on dialogue with each patient, which cannot be expected in a time-pressured cancer consultation or treatment under public health insurance system.

“Laboratory, cell processing center (CPC) at the clinic”

Our clinic is equipped with a special laboratory that requires advanced cell culture technology.
Without being handed to outside businesses for processing, blood collected from patients is immediately brought to this laboratory, and tested and cultured by skilled cell culture technicians and physicians under stringent controls.

This system not only reduces costs by eliminating the need for the transfer of blood and related management, but it also enables cell culture and activation under conditions that are excellent for patients -- our physicians can constantly monitor the status of cell culture and other factors and administer fresh immune cells to patients at the most appropriate time.
* Please see “our laboratory” about CPC.

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 *Please refer to the consultation guide for the process to treatment,
  clinic hours, and treatment cost.

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