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Consultation and treatment cost

Because cancer immunotherapy is not covered by public health insurance, all treatment costs are paid by patients.

 * All the amounts exclude consumption tax.

Treatment cost

Treatment cost for immunotherapy differs depending on the treatment, administration, etc.
Also an interpreter, translation charges are added to treatment costs.
Treatment costs are different between Japanese and foreigners.


1) The initial consultation is free, but when patients or family members decide to receive the treatment and examination and blood collection are performed on the same day, the cost for treatment including the cost for the first visit is incurred.
2) Cost for the first visit: This is the cost for medical practice ranging from examination of the patient to blood collection.
3) Cost for the tests for registration: This is the cost required for the blood test (blood count, biochemistry, infection, etc.) for the registration of new patients.
4) Treatment cost for immunotherapy: This is the cost for the whole process of immunotherapy including the collection of blood for culture, the culture, and the drip infusion.
It includes the cost for the blood test, the technology cost for the processing and culture of cells, and the cost for document preparation.
We ask patients to pay the treatment cost for one administration at the start of the cell culture (when blood for the cell culture is collected). We do not charge all of the cost for the entire treatment schedule.

Payment method

The treatment cost can be paid by cash or with a credit card (UC, VISA or MasterCard). When using a credit card, the method of payment can be lump-sum payment, revolving repayment, or installment payment.

Medical expenses deduction

The cost for treatment that is not covered by public health insurance can be tax deductible as medical expenses.
The treatment cost at the New City Osaki Clinic is eligible for a medical expenses deduction.

* What is a medical expenses deduction?
When there are medical expenses paid for the person filing the tax and his/her spouse or other relatives who share living expenses during the relevant year (from January 1 to December 31), a specific amount can be deducted from the income if the necessary procedure is taken at the time of filing the income tax return. This is called a “medical expenses deduction”.

The amount of medical expenses deduction = Total amount of medical expenses paid in one year – total amount of insurance benefits etc. received related to medical expenses – 100,000 yen
(up to 2,000,000 yen * for people whose income is less than 2,000,000 yen, 5% of the income)

The following costs are deducted.
1) Cost of examination or treatment by physicians
2) Purchase price of the drugs necessary for the treatment (including over-the-counter drugs)
3) Travel expenses for visiting the hospitals or clinics (train or bus fare, etc.)

* Please ask for details at the tax office, etc. because there might be changes by year.

In order to take this deduction, income tax returns have to be filed by individuals. These expenses are not deducted upon annual adjustment. Receipts have to be attached to income tax returns, so please keep the receipts in a safe place.

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