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Q3 How many times should I receive treatment?

It varies considerably depending on the patient. One course of six times of treatment in a time span of about three months forms the basis of the therapy.
Reduction in tumor size and decrease in tumor markers are observed during the first course.
If the tumor does not stop growing, we will discontinue the treatment after consultations with patients or their family members.
When the above effects are observed or when the tumor growth or increase in tumor markers reaches a plateau, we recommend that you continue to receive the administration gradually prolonging the intervals first to a month, then to two months and so on, if possible.
This is because regular injection of activated lymphocytes into the body was found to maintain the activity of the patient’s own immunity at a high level.
We offer a 20% discount on the treatment cost for the seventh and subsequent administrations in order to reduce the burden on patients.
(See Consultation and treatment cost for details.)

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